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A Space for Thought Foundation (Fundacja Miejsce Uwagi) is an artistic journey to forgotten communities that once thrived in lands of today’s Poland. 

Cooperating with artists, we want to take off successive layers of cultural sediment, sift through them in search of worlds that no longer exist, look for the history of those people and their emotions.


Our mission is to uncover the stories of people and local communities order to commemorate them artistically. We want the sensibilities of musicians, visual artists, sculptors, photographers, painters, writers and poets to process history by creating works that speak to contemporary people.


Our vision is a country where every community finds its place through knowledge of the past. A world, where cultural diversity and historical heritage are an asset and a cornerstone for building a better future for all.


Tomasz Panczyk and Mikolaj Trzaska


  • TZROR/Stone

    Commemorating Jews from Szczebrzeszyn - Victims of the Holocaust Our intention is to commemorate over two thousand victims of the Holocaust, Jewish residents of Szczebrzeszyn and Jews brought to the town from various parts of Europe, who are buried in four unmarked and unsecured mass graves located in the Jewish cemetery. We will conduct research, find witness accounts, analyze aerial photos from the war, and examine...

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  • Layers of memory

    The memory of the Jewish population of East Prussia and Pomerania, despite the great work put in by scholars and local social activists, is practically non-existent in the general consciousness of Poles. Jews have disappeared both from the social landscape and from historical consciousness. The first disappearance took place during Kristallnacht...

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    Warstwy pamięci



A Space for Thought Foundation